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SALE :) ✦ from 27th June all the way till 7th July ✦

SALE :) ✦ from 27th June all the way till 7th July 

Just listed today! sweet and dainty vintage turquoise, garnet and seed pearls ring. 9k rosy gold with scrolling details. + here +

This lovely Victorian diamond ring has been sitting in my shop for a while now. took some time to take some better, clearer photos of it today :-)

It’s on a 10% sale till end of June!

==> here

double headed snake bracelet with white and brown enamel. $36

~> here <~

Mid 1700’s Antique French rose cut diamond ring in 14K gold. 

in the shop today :-)

-> here <-

1970’s vintage Claddagh ring set with a sparkly, heart-shaped cubic zirconia. 

Claddagh rings are traditionally used as a wedding ring :-) 

in the shop today! —-» here

1930’s vintage 22k yellow gold wedding band// PROMISE. perfect for stacking, which i love :-)

in the shop: here

stunning, stunning, stunning Antique turquoise and pearl ring. 

English origin. 9K yellow gold.

-> here <-

lovely vintage 9k gold buckle ring made in 1980’s. Fully hallmarked and will make a unique engagement ring :-)

I’m in love with this one! Buckle jewelry were popular during the Victorian era and they represent loyalty and everlasting love. This ring is up in the shop today —> here

1800’s / Antique Victorian 18K gold / diamond engagement wedding ring 

Late Victorian and fully hallmarked, English origin.

In the shop now —-» here «——

Lovely antique rings from the VIctorian and Edwardian era :-)

two of them are already in the shop!